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What is a Home Inspection?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Real Estate

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest purchases a person can make in a lifetime. It is important for a home buyer to be aware of the condition of the home before a purchase. Because of that, most real estate contracts provide for a period of time during which a potential buyer may enter the home with a hired professional to inspect the home for defects. A home inspector will check the condition of the exterior of the home, each individual room, and the electric, plumbing, and HVAC systems, and provide a written report to let the home buyer know if anything needs to be repaired or replaced.

Once the inspection report is received by the buyer, he or she may make requests for repairs for damaged or defective systems. The seller may agree to make the repairs, decline, or work out a compromise through attorneys. Depending on the terms agreed to in the contract and attorney review, the contract may be cancelled if the buyer and the seller cannot come to an agreement to resolve home inspection issues.

In addition to the home inspection, other common inspections during real estate transactions include inspection for wood destroying insects, radon tests, well tests, swimming pools inspections, septic tank inspections, and underground storage tank sweeps. It is crucial to have an attorney who can ensure that a buyer or a seller’s rights in a transaction are reserved and enforced according to the terms of the contract. At the Petriello Law Office, we have decades of experience and have overseen thousands of real estate closings, representing both buyers and sellers. We are well qualified to guide you through the inspection process to make sure that your rights are protected. If you are purchasing a home and you are seeking an attorney, feel free to contact us.

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